The ??? which helps everything connect

The main diagram shows how a number of new and existing projects might be connected to achieve the aims of the manifesto. But how do these knit together.... where does the animation and synergy come from? Can we practice what we preach, and use the technology and new network styles of working to develop some way in which a range of projects become a programme?

An old-style solution would be to try and get the main players into a formal partnership. From that would develop pressure to incorporate, apply for funds, arguments about control and territory, who's in and who's out, bureaucracy and stultification.... Can we instead do something which allows the different projects their autonomy, but ensures that they all become more than the sum of their parts?

The ??? might need to:

What's needed is a pro-active communications system for the community of online community builders. It may have some similarities to the Brainstorms centre developed by Howard Rheingold.

Technically it would need to be a communications platform that worked for people with dial-up connections and low budgets for connectivity, yet also provided workspaces for virtual teams.

Its content should include news about online communities, policy discussion, best practice, contacts, with links to the datamap of projects and the virtual resource centre.

Its staffing could be a mix of technical and editorial skills, part professional and part voluntary.

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