Going online

The benefits of Getting Connected

Terry Grunwald, in her book Making the Net Work*, identifies four main benefits for non profit organisations, illustrated on our demonstration pages. Realising these benefits involves using email, the Web and other Internet tools mentioned below.

Accessing information

The Internet is a great library of information where you may find information about other organisations, funding, Government programmes, campaigns, jobs and much more.

This information may be on the Web, contained in email messages or newsgroups. In order to find it you will probably need to use a search engine, or locate a gateway site which provides signposts to relevant content.


Email provides a fast, low-cost cost way of sending private messages one-to-one, or from one-to-many at no greater cost.

Mailing lists enable large number of people to discuss shared interests across countries or continent.


Collaborating is a special form of communication, focused on a specific objective and often time-limited. People can work together using email, the Web, ftp and other tools even though separated by distance and time zones.

This collaboration may take place informally and publicly, through mailing lists or newsgroups, or more formally on closed systems assisted by a facilitator.

Achieving visibility

The World Wide Web enables the smallest organisation to present its achievements - and its needs - to the world. Even the modest activity of participating in mailing lists and newsgroups raises profile.

Organisations who create a gateway site, organising and signposting information around a topic, will achieve even more visibility for their own efforts.

... and in addition

Non-profit organisations, once they are online, can play a key part in the development of area-wide initiatives. These may be called community networks, Telecities or Digital Cities. They may provide public information, online learning and job opportunities, plus the scope for enhancing existing networks through improved communication.

*Making the Net Work is available from .